Wednesday, June 1, 2016

School to Career Transitioning Phase

In December of 2014 I graduated with my A.A.S in Advertising Media.

Post graduation, I went on to complete both internships I was hired at shortly after graduation.
(Web Developer at Milwaukee County & Social Media Strategist at United Way). 

While working at both internships in 2015, I also took online classes towards a Technical Diploma.
- In December of 2015 I graduated with my Technical Diploma in Social Media Strategies.

When I completed these internships at the end of December 2015; before jumping into job searching right away, I took that next month to focus on myself, update my resume and then I worked on creating my design portfolio website to show employees my past work experience as well as show them my web design and development skills.

I was excited and scared to start applying for positions that I was qualified for because I felt like I was finally ready(for the most part) to start job/career searching once again; however I had felt as though I was at that mid point between graduating college and having not having quite enough professional experience to be able to land the type of career that I want. (Even though you have to start somewhere)

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